Dylan Faraday


Dylan Faraday

Project Name:

Engine Whispers

Project Summary:

It’s about a space mechanic. Sort of. I guess it plays out like a pilot issue for a longer series, but I didn’t intend to make more when I started writing it. Maybe I will if people enjoy it.

Project Details:

8 pages. Sci-fi. Color. Kind of gross near the end.

Personal Website/Portfolio:




dylanfaraday AT gmail.com

Role & Collaborators:

I wrote the script. The talented Alex Dunn is handling the art. I think his job is infinitely more difficult. Hardly seems fair. If you find our contribution to be even the slightest bit entertaining, Alex is probably to blame.

Basic Experience:

I’ve thought about making comics for a long time but I never got off my lazy ass and did something about it until earlier this year, so I guess about 4 months now. Still lazy though, so I don’t have much to show for it.

Publishing History:

I make a crummy little web-comic called “Endsville Is Burning” (www.endsville.net), which I guess we can consider self-published. I also have a story that will be published in an anthology by Grayhaven Comics at some point next year.

Where do you see comics in ten years?

I think we’ll start to see more interactive comics in the future since we are shifting more and more toward digital media. I’m sure someone will create an application for reading comics that allows for soundtracks and page interaction. Sort of a blending of comics and old school adventure games like Monkey Island.